Bikers monitoring


  • Race Across America 2017
  • Remotely collecting physiological and performance data on bikers
  • Heart rate, body temperature
  • Speed, pedaling cadence, pedaling torque
  • Ambiant temperature


Use of standard commercial sensors, which communicate using the popular ANT+ standard. Each bike is equiped with a transponder which collects the athletes and bikes data and position. Those data are stored in an SD memory card for backup, and transmitted up to the assistance car using a 915 MHz radio link. The range of the radio link is typically 1 km at ground level.

In the assistance car, the coach can then monitor the athlete’s parameters.

Depending on the availability of 3G coverage, the data may be further transmitted to the internet for publication.


  • The coach monitors the athletes in real time, and is able to give instructions
    to the athlete so as to avoid overload or injuries.
  • May be used to improve the training process