High precision segmentation of knee articulation


  • Time consuming manual segmentation task of knee bones.
  • Difficult segmentation of bones affected by typical pathologies.
  • Need for human intervention all along the segmentation process.
  • Difficult choice of the prosthesis shape before the surgery.


A semi automated tool for segmentation based on a statistical approach and a computer assisted segmentation tool based on geodesic radial basis functions:

  • Fully automated solution for the standard cases (University of Basel).
  • Manual segmentation refinement for patients with pathologies affecting the automatic process (HEIG-VD).
  • 3D segmentation process to replace the current slice-by-slice manual approach.


  • More precise segmentation of the articular bones.
  • Reduced segmentation time (man-hours).
  • Simplify the manual segmentation of complex cases.
  • Improve the final segmentation.