Anti Aggregation Device


This project is linked to a Patent Application by CHUV. The purpose of this invention relates to an anti-aggregate device, and its use in the treatment of diseases, wherein infusion of a cell suspension is necessary, as well as in nutrition. The objective of this machine is to prevent aggregation of cells as well as adequate mixing of the solution, without the need for manual intervention during infusion (as is currently the case).


Our contribution

A team led by Prof. Christophe Besson and Mikaël Krummen at HEIG-VD has developped, manufactured and tested an electro-mechanical prototype in order to demonstrate that adequate mixing of infusion bags can be automatically performed. The prototype has been successfully tested on Buffy coat bags at Blood Transfusion Center in Lausanne. Laboratory analyses have shown that mixing of Red & White Blodd Cells and Platelet was excellent. Cells viability was also verified and found excellent. The prototype is able to accommodate several types of bags, varying in shapes and sizes. Mixing trajectories can be adapted as well to ensure perfect mixing.


Dr. Karim Abdelhamid, Chef de clinique adjoint, Département d'oncologie, Service d'oncologie médicale, CHUV

Claude Lefebvre & Jonas Pollard, Technology Transfer Officers, PACTT Technology Transfer – CHUV/UNIL