Using nanostructuration technology to develop an alternative cost-effective microelectrode array (MEA), suitable for monitoring cell cultures, by:

  • Recording action potential (neural & cardiac cells);
  • Impedance spectroscopy of attached cells

Scientific Innovation

MEA structures:

  • Biocompatible
  • Disposable
  • Low cost materials for single-use

Thin film nanostructuration technology:

  • Mature nanotechnology
  • Wet process / No clean room required

Direct connection to electronics

Business Potential

Large scale cytotoxicologic testing:

  • Substitution to animal testing

Possible testing applications:

  • Environmental
  • Chemical toxicity
  • Dermatology, cosmetics

MEA fabrication

  • Easy integation into existing industrial production processes
  • Cost-effective / high volume process for MEA fabrication

Patent pending.